Tayside Consulting Services Ltd

Tayside Consulting Services Ltd is a subsidiary of the Multi-Net Group. Tayside Consulting Services Ltd helps clients in diverse industries improve performance, transform the enterprise, reduce costs, leverage technology, process and review large amounts of complex data, address regulatory changes, recover from distress and stimulate growth.

Our professionals employ their expertise in finance, operations, strategy, analytics, and technology to provide our clients with specialized analysis and customized advice and solutions that are tailored to address each client's particular challenges and opportunities to deliver sustainable and measurable results.

Service Overview

Tayside Consulting Services Ltd has over the years handled projects in the following areas:

Training & Capacity building

Training and Capacity building is asserted to be the most important element of success in business today. Developing human capital requires creating and cultivating environments in which human beings can rapidly learn and apply new ideas, competencies, skills, behaviors and attitudes. We assist companies across Nigeria and Africa to create opportunities for people to create shared understanding, explore new ideas and apply them. The tools for creating these opportunities include training, facilitation, coaching and consulting. The focus is on meeting the needs of learner and organization alike.
Our staff and partners are dedicated to staying abreast of new trends and technologies, continuously expanding its technical training programs.