Miriamag Construction Ltd

Miriamag Construction Ltd is a subsidiary of the Multi-Net Group. Miriamag Construction Ltd is wholly Nigerian owned company with international affiliates with proven dedicated expertise in design and equipping of modern international Education Centres and provision of vocational studies are ready to partner with your Ministry to advice, design, build and equip Education/Vocational Centres with modern international standard buildings that are fit for purpose in providing education in the 21st Century education needs and in line with our commitment and obligations under the recently adopted United Nation's sustainable Development Goal's “S.D.G” of which education provision is one of the top priority.

Services Overview

Miriamag Construction Ltd has over the years handled projects in the following areas:

Land Transformation

Miriamag Construction Ltd identifies and acquires underdeveloped or underutilized farmland and, by implementing cutting-edge production technology and agricultural best practices, we transform the land into its highest production potential.

We optimize land use, enhance yields and increase the value of our land. Once our farmlands have reached full development potential, we seek for the best opportunities to strategically dispose of these assets.

This allows us monetize on the capital gains and re-allocate the capital efficiently, thereby maximizing our return on invested capital. There is now overwhelming evidence that “business as usual” crop development will be insufficient to adapt crops over the wide range of growing regions that will be required to meet expanding global agricultural demand.