Kasteel Properties Ltd

Kasteel Properties Ltd is a subsidiary of the Multi-Net Group. Kasteel Properties Ltd comprises of a team of qualified Civil Engineers possessing long-standing experience in various facets of constructional activities which anchors on the need to meet the growing demands of construction industry both in the Government and in the Private Sector. Our project team which has developed a deliverable oriented, high profile and respected civil engineering projects in Nigeria stands at the fore in articulating limited resources to generate multi-facet projects through its multi-sourcing capabilities—an achievement made possible through strategic reasoning and careful planning.

Services Overview

Kasteel Properties Ltd has over the years handled projects in the following areas:

Property Development

Commercial / Residential Subdivisions
Site Layout · Grading / Drainage Plans
Infrastructure Design (Roadways, Utilities, Retaining Structures)
Feasibility Studies · Permitting Building Engineering
Computer Aided Structural Analysis and Design
Geotechnical Investigation and Foundation Design
Architectural Drafting
Electrical / Mechanical Design (through strategic partnerships) Transportation Systems
Planning / Scoping / Feasibility Studies
Pedestrian Facilities
Recreation and Alternative Transportation Pathways
Bridge Design
Roadway and Traffic Circulation Plans
Management of State and Federal Projects