Multi-net Group Ltd

Engineering & Project Management

Multi-net Group provides a variety of engineering and project management services for oil exploration and production facilities, gas production and processing, separation, liquefaction, and oil refining.
Feasibility Studies
Front End Engineering Design
Detail Engineering Design
Project Management Services

Feasibility Studies
Multi-net Group can do preliminary feasibility assessments for a variety of projects including natural gas and renewable energy. Our process solutions span the whole supply chain, from upstream to downstream, as well as final distribution.

We have a proven track record of providing superior and cost effective engineering services in accordance with clients' requirements, on time, and within budget.
Electrical Works
Commissioning Activities

Project Management Services (PMS)
We employ standard project techniques and change management methods to enhance our capacity to adapt to project and industry trends. This entails going above and beyond cost, time, and quality objectives to ensure that the required business outcomes are realized