Samanny Infotech Services Ltd

Samanny Infotech Services Limited is a subsidiary of the Multi-Net Group. Samanny Infotech Services Limited is a full service technology company. We specialize in delivering consulting, infrastructure and software development solutions that increase productivity, competiveness and deliver cost savings. Our success is founded on professionalism, integrity and exceptional client service delivering the highest standard of solutions tailored to your technology needs and objectives.

Core Competencies

Employing the best international practices and scientific development methods Samanny Infotech Services Limited is committed to building, deploying and maintaining a full range of high-quality biometric identification and identity management solutions worldwide. Such solutions are designed for a wide range of IT applications, ranging from home computers and information infrastructures of small- and mid-sized enterprises and commercial businesses to large-scale nationwide identification projects.

We work with the leading biometrics companies in the world to meet our customer's requirements. The integrator's responsibility — our responsibility — is to provide the best solutions to our customers on time and on budget.