Multi-net Group Ltd


Multi-net Group Ltd has partnered with international OEMs to provide world class services and equipments, including maintenance and after sales services. Some of our partners OEMs are:

Henan Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd
Henan Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional machinery manufacturer and a trader who has committed to research and development of road machinery for over 20 years. The machines are mainly used for bridge and road maintenance, including shot blasting machines, road marking machines, road roller, asphalt crack filler machines, floor grinders, concrete road cutting machines, fog cannon machines, etc.
Now, our road machinery equipment is not only sold to China, but also exported to many countries around the world, such as Europe, Africa, America, Australia, Korea, Kuwait, Nigeria, France, Singapore, and so on.

SCHÄFER HPS is a global player with products and services that are designed to provide effective, safe and timely solutions for the complex needs of oil and gas markets around the world. In a rapidly changing world such as the energy industry, we daily face difficult challenges and bigger risks, so we came up with one idea in mind: transforming technology, quality and innovation, into safety, efficiency and return on investment. We manufacture equipment, but we sell solutions and possibilities; and what you purchase is peace of mind and business sustainability.

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd
Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer based in China and USA, specialize in separation equipment, include solids control equipment, industry decanter centrifuge, waste management equipment, and shaker screens. GN was established in 2007. GN is the first API certified solids control equipment manufacturer from China. GN products have been exported to over 60 countries around the world.