One Nation Energy Platform Limited

One Nation Energy Platform Limited is a subsidiary of the Multi-Net Group. One Nation Energy Platform Limited, in collaboration with its partners, offers a range of services in the Upstream, midstream and downstream in the oil and gas sector including pipeline and gas distribution, power generation, pipeline emergency response, pipe and vessel fabrication, storage tank relocation, and general industrial construction.
One Nation Energy Platform Limited can mobilize personnel and equipment to any location.

Services Overview

One Nation Energy Platform Limited has over the years handled projects in the following areas:


One Nation Energy Platform Limited offers a wide range of procurement services to the energy, oil and gas sectors of the economy. Our in-house IT systems, experienced supply chain and logistics professionals together with competitive credit facilities with major Nigerian and foreign banks combine to make the procurement function.

Our customer's experience with One Nation Energy Platform Limited in procurement is one of the high quality, efficiently, reliable, responsive and on-time delivery at competitive rate. The procurement unit plays a vital role in ensuring that we deliver our EPC contracts as specifie and we have over the years continued to improve on processes thereby enabling us to provide best in class services both to our internal and external customers.