Multi-net Group Ltd

Equipment / Material Procurement and Supply

Our Procurement Services
Multi-net Group Procurement & Logistics management is backed by a dedicated team of experienced professionals with over 30 years of valid and consistent expertise in product sourcing.

Filtration and Separators
In collaboration with our OEM’s, we provide gas filters and separators to fit customer requirements and different situations in;
Gas Distribution Stations
Gas Compression Stations
Petrochemical Field

Gas Conditioning Packages
We supply fuel gas treatment systems, pressure reducing and metering systems (PRMS), gas analysis, and heating systems (gascromatograph) to ensure that the safety and efficiency of your operations are maintained.

Skid Mounted Equipment
The skid-mounted equipment comes equipped with control and safety devices, as well as instruments, valves, and the appropriate automation systems.

Gas Conditioning Packages
Multi-net Group can deliver compact turnkey plants for practically any situation in which gas is used in the process. Making a turnkey solution for you means that you will have everything you need right from the start.